Yoga Teacher Training in Lithuania

A transformative 4-week intensive course

Sivananda Yoga Teachers' Training Course

22 May - 20 June 2024
  • A life-transforming 4-week intensive course
  • Longest running yoga teacher training course in the West, since 1969
  • Over 50,000 graduates worldwide
  • A certificate from the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centers (ISYVC)
  • Recognised by the Yoga Alliance for the 200 hours standard required by Registered yoga schools (RYS)

Course languages: English, Polish, Lithuanian, Russian

Course description

TTC Lithuania
  • Four-week theoretical and practical training in all aspects of yoga composed of 401 training units of 45 minutes’ duration
  • Certificate from the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre organisation (ISYVC) is awarded on successful completion of the course. The diploma is entitled “Yoga Siromani” and recognised by Yoga Alliance for the 200 hours Registered Yoga School Standards
  • This course was established in 1969 by Swami Vishnudevananda as the first yoga teachers’ training course taught to Western students and now has over 50,000 graduates.
  • A sincere desire to learn and openness to yogic techniques is required – a basic knowledge of yoga postures and philosophy is preferred, but not essential. Students will develop the skills to teach yoga asanas and improve their own personal practice.


Recreation Center "ZELVA"

The courses will take place at the Recreation Center”Zelva”, set amidst a beautiful forest on the shore of the “Zelva” lake.

The resort is 7 km from Vievis, and about 43 km from Vilnius.

It has 9 huts and buildings of different sizes. There are basketball and volleyball courts for active recreation. Two large docks at the lake are convenient for accessing the water to swim.

A special atmosphere is created by the tall pines and oaks with their wide spreading branches. The entire area is an oasis of peace and an ideal place for meditation and yoga practices.

Spaces for yoga

There are several halls – the main spacious hall for yoga practice and lectures and several smaller ones – all with wooden parquet floors. Outside, there are sports fields and a wooden platform where the practice of asanas and meditation is possible  open air.


The resort complex has different buildings. They offer various accommodation options, from a 5-6 bed dormitory to rooms (single, double and triple). Each house has separate shower and toilet facilities. There are no rooms with toilet and/or shower.


Two wholefood, lacto-vegetarian meals are served daily according to yogic principles. Meals are usually taken outdoors; if it is raining, in the dining room. The food is prepared by professional cooks who practice yoga.


Once a week, on the day off, sauna is availible.


Arrival: May 22 from 2 pm

Departure: June 20 before 2 pm 

  • A yoga mat, a meditation cushion (also available in our shop at the course), a blanket or a meditation shawl.
  • Loose, comfortable clothes, pens and paper, flashlight, comfortable shoes for walking.
  • Personal hygiene products, swim suit and a towel.
  • Tools for kriyas (can be purchased in the shop).
  • Masks and hand sanitizer.

Once a week you will have a day off. No lectures or asana classes are held on that day.

It will be possible to join an excursion organized by us.

Course teachers

TTC Lithuania

Swami Vidyananda

Swami Vidyananda is co-director of the Sivananda Yoga Center Munich. She shares her many years of teaching experience with patience and sensitivity.



Atmaram is a direct disciple of Swami Vishnudevananda for over thirty years and currently co-director of the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Camp in Val Morin, near Montreal, Canada. He has been sharing his dedication and enthusiasm for all aspects of Yoga in the Sivananda Yoga Teachers’ Training Courses worldwide, and specially in Eastern Europe.


Durga Devi

Durga Devi is the head of the Sivananda Yoga Centre in Vilnius. She has been a yoga teacher since 2003, and has taught yoga, meditation and philosophy at many international courses for Sivananda yoga teachers.

As well as other experienced yoga teachers from the Sivananda Yoga Centre in Vilnius and other countries.


Valid until 25 May 2023

For Eastern European nationals currently living and working in Eastern Europe:

Shared (5-6 beds): 1,650 €
Triple room: 1,800 €
Double room: 1,900 €
Single room: 2,000 €

For all others residing in the West:

Shared (5-6 beds): 2,300 €
Triple room: 2,700 €
Double room: 2,800 €
Single room: 2,900 €

Special rates

PARTIAL SCHOLARSHIP for students and the unemployed. Price: 1,350 €. Only for the “shared” category.
A student ID or labor exchange ID is required. The number of places is limited.
For more information, call +370 (648) 72 864

What is included in the price?

Accommodation, meals, course and examination fee, Training manual, two yoga pants, two t-shirts.

Not included: travel, excursion, kriya materials (cleansing exercises), any other additional services.

Important information

for the TTC

The deadline for course payment is 2 weeks before the course start date.

Please do not purchase tickets for the trip or transfer any funds until you receive confirmation of your registration from us.

Certificate from the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre organisation (ISYVC) is awarded on successful completion of the course. The diploma is entitled “Yoga Siromani”.

The International Sivananda Yoga Teachers’ Training Courses consist of three levels:

Teachers’ Training Course (TTC)401 units of 45 min or 301 units of 60 min
Advanced Teachers’ Training Course (ATTC)437 units of 45 min or 328 units of 60 min
Sadhana Intensive173 units of 45 min or 130 units of 60 min

The Yoga Alliance recognises the TTC for the 200 hours Registered Yoga School Standards and the TTC plus ATTC for the 500 hours Registered Yoga School Standards.  School standartą.

The courses will be taught in English, Lithuanian, Polish and, if necessary, Russian. The lectures and meditation sessions will be  in English and translated into the various languages. A modern wireless translation system and headphones will be used for translations (you can bring your own or buy them in our shop at the course).

  • The Complete Illustrated Book of Yoga by Swami Vishnudevananda, Three Rivers Press
  • Bhagavad Gita with a commentary by Swami Sivananda, the Divine Life Trust Society
  • Yoga: Your Home Practice Companion by the Sivananda Yoga Centres (Dorling Kindersley)

Please note: These books are not included in the course fee. They can be purchased at the Sivananda Yoga Centres, via the online shop, or in our on-site shop.

There may be occasional changes to the daily schedule.
5:30 amWake up
6:00 amMeditation, mantra chanting and lecture
8:00 amAsanas and pranayama
10:00 amBrunch
11:00 amKarma Yoga (helping out with chores)
12:00 pmBhagavad Gita or Kirtan
2:00 pmMain lecture in philosophy or anatomy
4:00 pmAsanas and pranayama
6:00 pmDinner
8:00 pmMeditation, mantra chanting and lecture
10:00 pmLights out

The curriculum is based on the five points of yoga which can be understood as the practical application of the four traditional yoga paths:

  1. Proper exercise (Asanas)
  2. Proper breathing (Pranayama)
  3. Proper relaxation (Savasana)
  4. Proper diet (vegetarian)
  5. Positive thinking and meditation (Vedanta and Dhyana)

Daily: two meditation sessions, two yoga classes, two lectures, one hour of service to the ashram community. One day a week is lecture-free.

Asanas (yoga postures)

The daily in-depth practice with individual corrections comprises:

  • Sun salutation
  • 12 basic yoga postures
  • 100 asana variations, from intermediate level to advanced
  • Postural alignment
  • Deep relaxation with autosuggestion
  • Release of blocked energy
  • Training sessions for all age groups

Benefits of asanas:

  • Control emotions
  • Improve power of concentration
  • Rid the body of excess fat
  • Enhance physical fitness
  • Relieve chronic ailments such as constipation, rheumatism, stomach complaints
  • Stimulate circulation
  • Stabilise thyroid functions
  • Keep muscles youthful and supple into old age


  • Expands capacity of the lungs
  • Relaxes the nervous system
  • Balances the two hemispheres of the brain
  • Purifies the nadis (subtle energy channels)
  • Awakens the inner spiritual energy
  • Kapalabhati (lung cleansing exercise)
  • Anuloma Viloma (alternate nostril breathing)
  • Samanu (mental cleansing of the nadis)
  • The 8 main pranayamas: Ujjayi, Surya Bheda, Bhastrika, Plavini, Moorcha, Sitali, Sitkari, Bhramari


  • Tratak, Neti, Kapalabhati, Dhauti, Nauli and Basti: six classical purification exercises for the eyes, nose, air passages, oesophagus and stomach, abdominal organs and large intestine. Explanation and demonstration of the exercises and their effects. Individual instruction

Yoga anatomy and physiology

  • Introduction to the major body systems
  • The effects of asanas and pranayama on: the cardiovascular system, respiration, digestion, skeletal and muscular systems, endocrine system

Teaching practice

  • How to teach the 12 basic postures and breathing exercises to beginners and intermediate students
  • Detailed correction workshops
  • In the second half of the training course, participants will teach each other under the guidance of an experienced instructor 

Yoga nutrition

  • Vegetarianism – for ethical, spiritual and health reasons
  • How diet affects the mind
  • Proper balance of the main nutrients
  • Ayurvedic principles of nutrition
  • Healing effects of fasting


  • Physical and mental meditation
  • 12-step daily practice
  • Effects of and experiences in meditation
  • Mantras – spiritual energy in sound
  • Mantra initiation (if desired)

Hatha Yoga

  • Ethical and moral principles
  • Body – prana (life energy) – mind
  • From control over the body to control over the mind and meditation 

Raja Yoga

  • Ashtanga – the 8 steps of yoga
  • Antahkarana – functions of the mind
  • Concentration and meditation

Kundalini Yoga

  • The Absolute and how it manifests itself in nature
  • Macrocosmos & microcosmos
  • The 7 Chakras
  • The awakening of cosmic energy

Bhakti Yoga

  • Kirtan: chanting of classical Sanskrit mantras
  • Indian gods and their cosmic meaning
  • Arati and Pujas (traditional Indian rituals) 

Karma Yoga

  • The law of cause and effect
  • Samsara – the wheel of birth and death
  • Karma Yoga – selfless service: one hour daily in the ashram community

Jnana Yoga

  • Basic concepts of Vedanta philosophy
  • The 7 Bhoomikas or planes of consciousness
  • Space, time, causation
  • The 3 bodies
  • The 3 levels of the mind
  • Conquest of death

Bhagavad Gita

  • Study of both the text and the commentary of this classical yoga scripture

How to get there

40 KM from vilnius

By car

Driving from Vilnius: Take the Vilnius – Kaunas highway. After entering Vievis, pass the pedestrian bridge (over the highway), and before reaching the highway overpass for cars, at the end of the town of Vievis, turn right. At the intersection, turn right again, towards Kazokiškii.

Driving from Kaunas: After reaching Vievis, get on the viaduct (which goes over the highway), drive towards the village of Kazokiškių.

From Kazokiškės: Continue on the bridge over the railway, take the roundabout to Alesninki (Kazokiškės direction). Pass the village of Alesninkai, follow the main paved road until you see the arrow “Poilsiavietė ‘Zelva’ 5 km” on the left side of the road, then turn left. Don’t get confused by the 200 m. AB “Zelva” (farm) arrow on the right side of the road!

Continue through the forest on the main road for 4.1 km to the wooden cross (on the right) and turn left (turn at an angle of more than 90 degrees), after 900 m you will reach the yellow gate of the recreation centre.

GPS coordinates:





Please contact us if you have any questions:

Phone: +370 (648) 72 864

Participating in this yoga teacher training course requires inner openness and sincere acceptance and respect for the instructions given by the teachers.

Before registering, please meet or talk on the phone with Durga Devi (Sivananda Yoga Centre in Vilnius). She can answer your questions and help you to better understand the spiritual nature of the course.

The registration is confirmed upon receipt of a EUR 300 deposit.
Account for transfer:
Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center

Full payment must be made no later than 4 weeks before the course begins.

Exceptional conditions due to COVID-19: In case of cancellation of the course due to force majeure reasons related to the pandemic, the amount paid for the course will be refunded 100%. Cancellation before the course starts. Within 14 days after receiving the confirmation of registration: You have the right to cancel your participation in the Yoga Teacher Course without giving a reason within 14 days after the confirmation of registration for the course has been sent. Cancellation of courses must be submitted in writing or verbally to the organizers of the yoga teacher training course in Lithuania: by e-mail:, or by phone +370 (648) 72 864. It is not necessary, but you can submit a completed WITHDRAWAL APPLICATION (attached to the electronic notification letter). The cancellation is considered timely if it is made within the specified period. If you canceled the reservation, we will immediately, or no later than within 14 days upon receipt of the cancellation notice, refund the money paid. Cancellation more than 14 days after the registration confirmation has been sent: We will refund you the amount paid minus an administration fee of EUR 50. If you register within 14 days before the start of the course, you must waive your cancellation rights. The waiver of the right of cancellation will be signed upon arrival at the course location. In the event that you do not show up and do not contact us, no refund will be issued. In case you want to re-register for other courses: an administrative fee of 50 euros will be deducted. You can re-enroll to any other Sivananda Yoga Teachers’ Training Course held in Europe or Rudraprayag (India). Early departure from the TTC in Lithuania: Within the first three days: we will return your payment minus 300 euros. After 3 days: No refund. If you depart the course early, the course textbook and the TTC uniform (2 pairs of trousers/2 T-shirts) must be returned before leaving.